• Austrian Empire Navy
    "A tribute to good old times"

About us

The vision of Albert Michler Distillery is to build on the great era of this distillery and revive its tradition. The Albert Michler Distillery was founded in 1863 in Buchsdorf (Buková), a major town in the region of Silesia. It lies on the Czech-Polish border in what is now part of the Czech Republic. The golden age of the distillery was when it was the court supplier to the Austrian emperor, but the fame of those years gave way to oblivion. Historical interest and respect for the old days led to a revival in 2014, which the distillery continues to enjoy today.

Our story



Austrian Empire Navy Rum is produced in small Austrian Empire Navy Rum Reserva 1863 is produced in smallbatches, using matured Rum from a wide range of hand-selected barrels. Aged in American and French oak barrels, this contemporary gem is an elegant medium-bodied Barbados Rum, voluptuous and exquisite with an exceptional bouquet. Its dense mahogany color is magnificent and its aromas are intense and complex. On the palatelightand sweet,and in theaftertaste persistent. Requires only one word: Fantastic. Theentryin thefabulouse world of rum.




This Solera 18 Rum is fragrant with a lush bouquet, where fruit, oak and long aging complementeach other perfectly. Itcomesin an imposing mahoganycolor with darkred hues. Austrian Empire Navy Rum – Solera 18 offersacontemporary Rum style with a distinctiveand vigorous character. It wasaged for up to 18 yearsin oakcasks usingthe Solera method in the Dominican Republic. One of the best bangfor the bucksippingrum on the market today.


“The vision of Albert Michler Distillery is to build on the great era of this distillery and revive its tradition.”

Austrian Empire Navy Rum

“The old buildings of the Albert Michler Distillery have been completely reconstructed, because unique rum specialties aging in various barrels will be produced inside them.”

In the historic future

“Many islands and countries where rum is produced rely on tradition and style of production.”

Why the aging process is the crucial difference

“While the classic aging of rum takes place in ex-bourbon barrels, thus often giving rum a classic bourbon-vanilla aroma, aging in different types of barrels offer almost endless possibilities.”

Our focus – double-aging

“The Master Blender is the virtuoso of the scene (similar to a perfumer). There are no recipes for blending; the taste buds of the Master Blender is the sole crucial factor.”

The Master Blender – Handcrafted is our secret